Finish Line Festival

make plans now for 2018!

We are very excited and pleased that Southwest Harbor is hosting another fabulous Finish Line Festival, located just steps from our electric finish line! This family-friendly event will feature live music, food, beverages, and much more for everyone!

This event is FREE to attend and open to the public!
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WHEN: Race Day, Sunday October 14th
WHERE: Village Green Way, Downtown Southwest Harbor. (Located just around the corner, and mere steps from our Main Street finish line!)

Click HERE to view a map of finish line festival.
HERE for an area overview.


The Finish Line Festival will also feature a VIP charity fundraising hospitality area for all of our wonderful Beyond the Finish Line Charity Fundraisers ! The Charity Hospitality area is presented by our founding partner, the MDI Historical Society, one of the many local charities that the MDI Marathon helps to benefit. 

The Festival marks the end of a 10-day celebration organized by Acadia Chamber. Known as "Southwest Harbor Week", the celebration features talks, walks, cruises, tours, concerts and tastings. Find out more on the Southwest Harbor Week webpage.


  • Leading the runners to the finish line will be an amazing electric car--from 1922! The car will be on display near the food court.

  • Shuttle buses back to Bar Harbor pick-up at the festival.

  • Post race massage is NOW located at the festival. (American Legion Building)

  • Checked participants gear bags will be available for pick-up at the festival. (American Legion Building)

  • For spectators, add a little adventure to your trip while helping us reduce traffic on the Marathon route and congestion in Southwest Harbor. Take the Sail Acadia ferry to the Finish Line Festival:

    • Northeast Harbor to Southwest Harbor (Finish Line)
      Leaves the NEH Marina (Harbor Drive) and arrives at Dysart's Great Harbor Marina in SWH (11 Apple Lane).

      • depart NEH 8:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 9:15am

      • depart NEH 9:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 10:15am

      • depart NEH 10:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 11:15am

      • depart NEH 11:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 12:15pm

      • depart NEH 12:45pm ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 1:15pm

    • Southwest Harbor (Finish Line) to Northeast Harbor
      Leaves Dysart's Great Harbor Marina in SWH (11 Apple Lane) and arrives at the NEH Marina (Harbor Drive).

      • depart SWH 7:45am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 8:15am

      • depart SWH 9:15am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 9:45am

      • depart SWH 10:15am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 10:45am

      • depart SWH 11:15am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 11:45am

      • depart SWH 12:15pm ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 12:45pm

Make plans NOW to attend! Please don't run all the way to Southwest Harbor, and then run away and miss out on all the Finish Line Festival fun! This event is dedicated to celebrating all of your achievements!

Congratulations in advance for being so amazing!
We can't wait to see you all at the Finish Line Festival!