The un-carrier meets running.
THE #RUNcarrier!


T-Mobile is the Un-Carrier in the wireless world; striving to offer the best customer service in the mobile industry.

Mount Desert Island wants to be the Un-Race of the running world by offering unheard-of customer service in the running industry!

The first in the nation to be set ablaze each day by the morning sun, MDI is emboldened to be a leader --not a follower-- in the ever competitive road race industry.

The word DIRIGO, found on Maine’s state seal below the North Star, is Latin for “I lead.” This is the perfect representation of the type of event we have created. Just like the ocean, we never rest. We lead the way with an award-winning course, relentless attention to detail, and an unforgettable race experience.


Magenta Experience

Powered by T-Mobile

Exclusive Opportunity

We believe that creating a signature partnership with T-Mobile will allow our race to provide the absolute best service to our runners.


Unheard of Customer Service Benefits

Change of plans? Everybody knows that life is full of curve balls. Unfortunately, most road races aren't able to accommodate all the unexpected twists and turns of life, or can only do so on a limited basis. Here at the MDI Marathon we want to change the game.

  • Lower registration costs.
  • Extended deferral period.
  • Extended cancellation period.
  • Race weekend luxuries (as outlined above).
  • etc.

T-Mobile. THE #RUNcarrier!