Why drive when you can take the special race day ferry for a more memorable MDI experience?!

Ferry Overview

Updated for 2019! Are you an MDI Marathon spectator? Relax and enjoy impressive views Mount Desert Island while avoiding traffic and limited parking. Park your car in Northeast Harbor or Southwest Harbor and use Sail Acadia’s boat service to get back and forth without driving. Tickets are just $10 per person for the beautiful 20-30 minute boat trip aboard the Elizabeth T.

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Running every hour between 7:45AM and 12:45PM, between Dysarts Marina in Southwest Harbor and the Northeast Harbor Marina. Its the best way to see the start, middle and finish of the marathon!


Ferry Schedule

Southwest Harbor (Finish Line) to Northeast Harbor
Leaves Dysart's Great Harbor Marina in SWH (11 Apple Lane) and arrives at the NEH Marina (Harbor Drive).

  • depart SWH 7:45am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 8:15am

  • depart SWH 9:15am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 9:45am

  • depart SWH 10:15am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 10:45am

  • depart SWH 11:15am ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 11:45am

  • depart SWH 12:15pm ‣▹▸ arrive NEH 12:45pm

Northeast Harbor to Southwest Harbor (Finish Line)
Leaves the NEH Marina (Harbor Drive) and arrives at Dysart's Great Harbor Marina in SWH (11 Apple Lane).

  • depart NEH 8:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 9:15am

  • depart NEH 9:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 10:15am

  • depart NEH 10:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 11:15am

  • depart NEH 11:45am ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 12:15pm

  • depart NEH 12:45pm ‣▹▸ arrive SWH 1:15pm

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Ferry Tips

Marathon Spectators: Watch the Marathon start in Bar Harbor at 8:00AM. Then drive to Northeast Harbor (NE) to cheer on your favorite runners in the festive, downtown area as they near the half-marathon point. Then park for FREE at the NEH marina and take the ferry over to our finish line in Southwest Harbor.

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Half Marathon Spectators: Watch the Half-Marathon start in Northeast Harbor at 8:30AM and park for FREE at the marina and take the ferry over to our finish line in Southwest Harbor.

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Why Do This?
There is very limited or no parking in downtown Southwest Harbor (SW). Taking the ferry will provide you with an amazing, stress-free spectator experience, like no other!


  • Remember to book tickets for your runners to return to your car after their amazing race!

  • These trips will sell out fast as the Elizabeth T can only transport 20-passengers per trip, so don’t be one of those who say, “oh we should have booked this when we first saw it...”

  • Tickets are only $10 each way, and you will enjoy incredible views of MDI and Somes Sound on your scenic ferry ride over to our Southwest Harbor (SW) Finish Line.

Learn more about Sail Acadia: Here

To help you book times/tickets, please note:

  • The full Marathon starts in Bar Harbor at 8:00AM.

  • The Half-Marathon Starts in Northeast Harbor (NE) at 8:30AM.(The ferry is available to SW Harbor from here.)

  • All full Marathon runners pass through Northeast Harbor (NE) at about the half-marathon point of their race.

  • All races finish in Southwest Harbor (SW). (The ferry is available to NE Harbor from here.)

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