Spectator Information

Our race route has many great places to take in all the action, but these designated Spectator Zones are places we highly recommend to whoop it up with hundreds of others!

Bring you enthusiasm or even your musical instruments and cheer on the runners!

Click here for printable spectator driving directions & maps!



  • Downtown Bar Harbor, including south Main Street, and the entire area around the Village Green will be very congested on the morning of the race.
  • All parking options in downtown Bar Harbor are an easy walk to the Start Line.
  • The Marathon & Relay start at 200 Main Street in Bar Harbor.
  • Marathon & Relay Official Start - 8:00AM

IMPORTANT: NO VEHICLES are permitted to follow the Marathon & Relay route leaving Bar Harbor on Route 3, nor the Half-Marathon route leaving Northeast Harbor on South Shore Road. You will be stopped and have to turn around if you try. Instead, please follow the routes below to successfully spectate the race and meet your runner at the finish line in Southwest Harbor.

Mile 11.5


  • Exit Bar Harbor on Route 233 / Eagle Lake Road.
  • Follow Route 233 / Eagle Lake Road for approximately 5-miles until you reach the intersection of Route 198, located just past MDI High School. (Where the pasta dinner is held.)
  • Turn LEFT on Route 198 toward Northeast Harbor, and follow it until you reach the intersection with Route 3. (Approximately 4.5-miles.)
  • This spectator zone is located at the intersection of Route 198 & Route 3, locally known as "Asticou Corner."
  • Be sure to park on the opposite side of the road from where the racecourse is. Runners will be on the left, heading toward Northeast Harbor.

Mile 12.3


Start Line


  • Continue on Route 198 to downtown Northeast Harbor.

  • Follow signs to park at the Marina (on your LEFT).

  • IMPORTANT: You will be driving on the racecourse briefly and you will have to cross the marathon route to park at the marina. RUNNERS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! Please yield to them and drive with caution.

  • Walk up Sea Street into town. The Marathon and Relay race route is on Main Street.

  • This spectator zone is located on Main Street.

  • The start line for the Half-Marathon is located on Manchester Road near the intersection with Neighborhood Road. 

  • Walk south on Main Street toward Neighborhood House.

  • Turn right on Neighborhood and walk to the end.

  • Turn left on Manchester Road.

  • Half-Marathon Official Start: 8:30AM

Mile 17.2


Mile 4.1


  • Upon leaving the Northeast Harbor Marina, reverse direction on Route 198 and follow back the way you originally came for approximately 3-miles until you reach the intersection with Sargeant Drive. (Note: Sargeant Drive is closed to ALL traffic on race day.)

  • Be sure to park on the opposite side of the road from where the racecourse is. Runners will be on the left, heading toward Somesville.
  • This spectator zone is located at the intersection of Route 198 and Sargeant Drive.

Mile 18.6


Mile 5.5


  • Continue to follow Route 198 for approximately 1.5-miles back to the intersection with Route 233 / Eagle Lake Road.

  • IMPORTANT: You will be sharing this stretch of road with runners. Please drive slowly with flashers and pull over if necessary for oncoming traffic.

  • Be sure to park on the opposite side of the road from where the racecourse is. Runners will be on the left, heading toward Somesville.
  • This spectator zone is located at the intersection of Route 198 and Route 233 / Eagle Lake Road, locally known as "RA Corner."



There are two ways to get to
the Finish Line in Southwest Harbor:

  • From the Somesville Fire House, turn LEFT onto Pretty Marsh Road / Route 102. Note: Route 102 splits at this intersection and either continues to Southwest Harbor following the Race Route (Option #2), or heads to Seal Cove via the Pretty Marsh Road.

  • Follow the Pretty Marsh Road/Route 102 for approximately 7.5-miles until you reach the intersection with Seal Cove Road on your LEFT. (Note: Pretty Marsh Road will turn into Tremont Road.)

  • You can either turn LEFT onto Seal Cove Road and follow it for approximately 3.8-miles to Southwest Harbor, and park at the Seal Cove Shops, and then walk the approximately 0.5-mile to the finish line on Main Street. (Note: Only local traffic is permitted on Main Street. They will be detoured around downtown and the finishing area. This is the closest you may park to the finish line.)


  • If you have the time, we recommend this scenic route:
  • Continue on Tremont Road / Route 102 for approximately 4.7-miles. (DON'T turn onto Seal Cove Road.)
  • Bear RIGHT onto Flat Iron Road and follow for 0.3-miles. (This is a slightly confusing intersection -- look for and follow signs toward Bass Harbor Lighthouse.)
  • Turn RIGHT onto Route 102-A / Harbor Drive and follow for approximately 1.3-miles.
  • Continue on 102-A by bearing LEFT at the road to Bass Harbor Lighthouse. (If you have the time, feel free to drive the 0.5-mile road down to the light house.)
  • Continue on 102-A for approximately 5.2-miles (Note: Harbor Drive becomes Seawall Road at the intersection to visit the lighthouse.)
  • Turn RIGHT onto Route 102 and follow for approximately 0.7-miles. Route 102 is shared by Main Street in downtown Southwest Harbor.
  • You will be one block from the Finish Line and may park either on Main Street or you may turn RIGHT onto Clark Point Road and park in the town lot on your left.

Spectators are an important compliment to our race. Please watch for and report any downed or disoriented runners. There are Ham Radio personnel stationed at many points along the course.

In the event of an emergency call 911.

Finally, as you will be driving on some parts of the racecourse, doing so with safety flashers on will help inform competitors that you are part of the race as well as helping to slow other traffic. Please drive slowly. If you stop to cheer ALWAYS pull off on the opposite side of the road where runners are present. DO NOT BLOCK THE RACECOURSE OR MAKE RUNNERS GO AROUND YOUR VEHICLE!!! Pay attention!!!